Work On Not Wasting My “Up Moods”

At any particular moment, I could say I’m in either an “Up Mood” or a “Down Mood”. I need to stop wasting my “Up Moods”. It’s not useful (in this case) for me to try to figure out “the why”. I should, instead, be having fun during my “Up Moods”.

Yet again, I’m thinking that maybe I have had the right idea for a long time… that maybe my situation is pretty rare. My “default” in situations like this is to assume I’m part of the majority instead of being one of the “one or two out of a thousand.”

I’ve worked with a lot of professionals over the last 12-plus years. They are accustomed to dealing with out-of-the-ordinary situations, but they seem positively confused by mine. They haven’t told me they’re confused, but their lack of useful ideas strongly suggests that they are.

I’ll write that I don’t consider my case’s rarity to be a bad thing (beyond the fact that it makes it harder to figure out). On the contrary, uniqueness would explain so many things that have confused me for years. When one of those professionals heard me say that I thought that I was experiencing something fairly rare, I think she mistook it for a negative feeling. She told me that her opinion was that my case wasn’t unique. I think she was trying to counteract what she perceived as my feeling of isolation. Instead, though, it felt like a rebuke, what she intended as a positive comment felt, to me, negative.

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