Legacy on TechOps

You know, it really shouldn’t be any surprise to me that DragonCon TechOps appears to be about the best shot for me to get back somewhere close to where I was. As I sit here tonight, I once again find myself thinking about how proud I am that I (and “my” room staff) were pretty early in the path for a number of staffers who have gone on to have fairly important positions. What brought it to mind for me tonight was noticing that one of those people from my “legacy” is now listed as having the night-time equivalent of my pre-wreck job: day-time lead for one of the truly large hotel ballrooms that we manage.

The other thing that this helps get through my thick skull is that one of the best ways to truly start feeling better about myself as a person is to be able to point to someone else who started out working for me (after the wreck) and be able to nod and say, “Look at what I helped do.” Building a legacy I can be proud of… I really think that’s how I’m most likely to “get my groove back.” 🙂