Why “Oddly Sincere”?

I’ll put off answering that question for a moment and say that with the recent big changes in my life, I really needed a new start on my web log. With the previous one, Amy was the visual designer and basically my site support. So, I was more than happy to allow her to use whatever tool she felt most comfortable with.

However, since I’m going to be managing it myself now, rather than trying to wrap my brain around what she set up, I decided to start fresh with something that’s a bit easier for me to manage. I will, however, leave the old site up (unless I have a reason to do something else).

Now to answer the question above… My web log has always been a place for me to publish my thoughts and solicit feedback. However, previously, I was quite circumspect about what I posted. That had almost nothing to do with me being concerned about my own privacy. Now that I’m on my own, though, I can be slightly less cautious about what I share. I still have to be a bit careful, but I don’t think anything I want to write will be a problem.

So, you, one of my handful of readers, are likely to see a change. Some of the things I choose to write about will probably be considered (by most people) to be things better kept to myself. However, the farther I go, the clearer it becomes to me that I usually can’t predict who will see something and decide to share with me some piece of himself/herself that will be helpful. So, that’s why I chose the name I did. It will probably seem a bit odd how open & sincere I am here.

I’ll leave commenting turned on for my posts (as a general rule), but if you don’t want what you write to be visible to the other readers of the site, you can contact me by email (<jeff@thisSite’sDomain>).