Hugging Assessment

Edit November 30, 2014:

The text at the beginning of this post before didn’t make any sense. My suspicion is that it was text I blindly copied from the results I got. No matter what the reason was, I’m editing it to make more sense.

I took a “hugging assessment”, which was linked from this page (dead link).

My results follow…

Full Body Hugger.

You are a confident, full-body hugger who loves to get and show affection, love and support through physical contact. In other words, you’re a great hugger!

Full Body Huggers have a healthy relationship to touch. They understand the subtle differences between hugs that are supportive, loving and familial versus the erotic touching and hugging that happens with a sexual partner. They are freely able to express their feelings through touch and other people will experience their hugging prowess – often saying, “Wow, you give great hugs!” or similar sentiments.

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