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I have a *vague impression* that “finding/returning to myself” is an accurate description of what needs to happen. Unfortunately, an accurate description of where I need to end up doesn’t teach me how to _get there_. Having a high resolution image of the Mona Lisa doesn’t help learning _how to create_ a good painting. Likewise, a detailed lesson in the best way to do a single brush stroke also isn’t sufficient. It’s 100% accurate to say that what l I need to do is make another million more brush strokes strokes with that same level of care. It’s the truth. but it’s not _sufficient_.

There are some very obvious things that aren’t right about my life, but they’re _effects_, not _causes_. I’ve gotten _tons_ of advice for how to make a _symptom_ less painful… and even a few suggestions of things that have helped other people treat _their_ underlying _causes_.

I want to be crystal clear about something: if I don’t _understand why_ something should work _for me_, then there’s a really good chance it _won’t_. That’s why I’m not a fan of “trying random things”. Experience _in my life_ has taught me that _doesn’t work_. I need more than a “walk that way and see if it works” suggestion. I need someone to be able to say, “I recognize what you’re going through, and here’s a path that _I’ve seen_ others in your situation successfully use to work through it.”

I’m not even convinced I’ve found anyone who _recognizes_ it yet, _much less_ has a solid idea of how to work through it.

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